In Georgia, according to archaeological data, vine cultivation was already known in the VI millennium BC Georgia is the birthplace of wine. The most famous Georgian wines produced in the region of Kakheti, the Alazani Valley, where the soil is good and warm, dry climate create the best conditions for ripening grapes.
1.den Bodbe Monastery – founded in the place where buried Georgia’s enlightener – Saint Nino.
City Sighnaghi – a walk around the city, where completely preserved city wall. It enjoys stunning views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus range. Visit Sighnaghi Museum, which displays works by the artist Niko Pirosmani and Lado Gudiashvili
Visit one of the oldest cellars in Kakheti – in the village Velistsikhe. Visit the private museum, tasting of local wine and dinner.
Tsinandali – the house-museum of Prince Chavchavadze, where Griboyedov met his wife Nino Chavchavadze. Tasting of local Via Tsinandali. Arriving in the city of Telavi. Dinner and overnight stay in a family hotel in the city center

2.den After breakfast, drive to the north at the foot of Kakheti Greater Caucasus mountain range, the archaeological site and museum of the fortress Gremi and the monastery Nekresi, which is located on top of a hill and from there views of the Alazani Valley. At the foot of the hill archaeological dig. – Museum and fortress.
Kvareli – wine storage Corporation Hareb, wine tasting, wine-making history in Georgia, the ancient and the modern technologies, and the difference between European and Georgian wine-making technology. Masterclass (Georgian bread and churchkhela) lunch. Return to Tbilisi.

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